Another landing - another visit in a bike shop :-D

In broken English: 14 hours after I had landed in Krabi, I stepped into the bike shop "Andaman cycling". One of the three owners of Cafe Europa, the active cyclist Tip, was the one I should thank for what has so far been good and positive experiences. 

Without her help, I had never found the shop. Thanks.

The shop and the associated workshop cheeses of professionalism and a great selection of everything. From bikes to equipment. Much of the latter commodity group, I saw for the first time in my life.

Khun Long had been operated on a few days before my arrival, so it was his wife Khun Gai who took care of sales and most of the installation.

I had before departure in Bulgaria calculated on what a great amateur mountain bike could cost. In late May of this year I bought my until now best bike in Bulgaria. It gave me approximately 2,800 kr. For. And it was the second best bike Bulgarian bicycle dealer had in stock. And I had anticipated having to get roughly the same for a bike in any unde same quality here in Thailand.

The most expensive of the best of what I would call amateur mountain bikes which were mounted and ready for sale. cost as I remember it well 300 Sterling pound. So plus the loose, which would bring the total cost up around the 400 Sterling pound.

The next best here in Krabi would come up in a total of approximately 330 Sterling pound. And it was so that I ended up.

Tip drove me into town where I should have done some practical things and an hour and a half later, I arrived back to "Andaman cycled" where the bike was ready.

On the way into town I came quite by chance past a lack rough forest and something which I do not quite realize is a bay or a river. Out of manggroven and trees towered one of the rocks, which I can see from the balcony that belongs to the small apartment / room.

Onwards we went homewards, and on my way I discovered that the Thai traffic is much more human, at least here where I am, than it was previously.

I also found out that there are many points to be gained for an old man like me, when I drove by bike. I think I was 30 or 40 smile at the first short ride from the bike shop to my temporary residence.